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Hey fellas!!! I am Toy....your true southern belle!!! Allow me the pleasure of taking you on a tour into my little world of uninhibited sensuality and eroticism! From the moment you step into Toyland, you are transported to a higher sexual realm of unbridled passion and utter satisfaction....all done Toy-style!! Couple that with the uniqueness of experiencing the wonders of my "sweet sugar" showers....well all one can say to that is "LET IT RAIN"!! wink wink!! :) I am Carolina born and bred.....raised southern proper, complete with a cute, authentic southern accent that will just tickle your ears! This is one of a kind, petite, perfect size 1 little package of dynamite will ignite flames you never thought existed for a huge KABOOM of pleasure!! Physically I am very tone and fit...built for endurance you could say! When you feel my skin against you, you will be captivated by how young and silky soft it is. The scent of my perfume will tantilize your senses...make you pull me in close, bury your nose in the crook of my neck and not let me go from your embrace. My hands and feet are perfectly manicured for the soft, erotic touches every man desires. Being a sensually passionate and mature woman, I have mastered the art of seducing a man and casting my spell of total bliss over him, leaving any man in my wake completely entranced by the wonders of Toyland. I encompass that exclusive combination of sheer sexuality, grand intelligence, humor and a versatile conversationalist that equates to me being the "perfect date"!! I am a unique conniosseur per se in this hobbyworld of ours indeed!! Many have described me as a true GFE with that layer of PSE that is unmatched by any other!! I promise you that the experience with me will be one you will never forget and want to repeat just to see what all is up my sleeve of pleasurable torment!! Wink! :) So gentlemen.... if you are ready to play and up for the Toy challenge, Toyland awaits you!!! I look forward to hearing from you! Muah! Toy

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